Sunday, February 26, 2012

5 Wonderful Artists

Marta Harvey enjoys experimenting with a lot of different techniques and materials. She even though you don't see or touch the original art in person, tries to give you the sense of different layers and texture.
Aysha Iqbal creates unique products that are colorful, inspired by Nature and it beauty.
Mother's Mug mug
Mother's Mug by addmorecolor
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Mira Bavutti uses her wonderful designs to create fantastic products.

Totallypainted All beautiful designs are either mouse-drawn or hand-painted by her.

Gkrew Productions loves the idea of making wonderful gifts from some of his best photographs.


  1. Great blog post, gorgeous art and products are sure to be quite successful sales! Best to each artist!


  2. Beautiful selection!! Love them, and thank you so much for featuring my messenger bag :)

  3. Thank you and your welcome Marta!:)