Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Barbara Giordano is a self taught artist. The best word to describe her artful passion is eclectic. She loves creating artwork rich in texture and colors sometimes whimsical or thought provoking with animals, people, fantasy, and social awareness themes. Barbara's work includes oil, acrylic, pencils and ink. She likes to dabble with digital applications using her original work. As an animal lover, Barbara creates beautiful pet portraits on commission at very reasonable prices.
You can find her wonderful artwork in these stores:
Sunfluer Designs
Dogs 4 You
Here are some of fantastic products she created.Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WEEK'S FEATURED ARTIST : Kristina Conatser

Kristina Conatser created Beauty Within Creation store in hopes that you may all look a little deeper within yourselves, to find the beauty in everything, and to motivate each other. Kristina's hope is that even through a photograph or one single phrase of Scripture, you will be inspired or reminded of a time of great happiness, peace, and joy. Her goal in creating this shop is that you may leave feeling inspired, that you may share that bit of joy and inspiration with others. Kristina says :<< "Because the Lord has given me purpose and joy through artwork, writing, and all mediums of has been laid upon my heart to share a percentage of any monies I profit from this shop to the ministry I work voluntarily along side"My Father's House Minstry" who are owned and operated by "Anchor Within Us, Inc" >>. You can learn more about the ministry and its' mission by visiting Beauty Within Creation on Facebook.
Visit Kristina member page to learn more about her.
The majority collective of her wonderful artwork is created, edited, and manipulated from Photographs she has taken, drawings, or images she makes using graphic/vector programs such as inkscape and the like.

Here are some of Kristina fantastic works. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Susan Elkin Photography offers breathtaking rural and urban landscapes of nature and streetscapes as prints, mugs, postage, totes, tiles and cards.
Susan’s work ranges from flowers and landscapes to creative reflections. Susan's ensemble of creative photographic images will amaze you.
She creates an ambiance that reveals the depth of her subjects,showcases the uniqueness of the ordinary, offering fine art, portraiture and commercial art.

Here are some of her gorgeous works.Enjoy!

Monday, October 3, 2011


Marta Harvey is a fabulous Artist experimenting with a lot of different techniques and materials. She loves creating all different kind of art,learning and trying different techniques with different media. Enjoy some of her gorgeous artwork:
This piece was created with two layers: background was painted with watercolors on mulberry paper, the leaves were drawn and painted on vellum.

This piece was created with many different kinds of materials, from hot glue, to maps, to antique buttons. I hope you enjoy all the different textures.

-Today's Best June 09, 2011- Original art was painted with acrylics on canvas and finished with pen & ink work.

This bird was hand carved in a soft block, then printed and painted with H20's (shimmering watercolors). The background texture was created by wrinkling a paper several times, then painting it and highlighting the "hills". The color was then digitally enhanced.

The original art was created by painted an old Spanish book page leaving the moon unpainted. The leaves were drawn and painted on a transparency and attached to the bottom layer.