Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Beautiful Teapots and Plates

Here are more beautiful Teapots and Plates created by some of very talented Artists.

Black-Eyed Susans zazzle_teapot
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Tree and Moon on Canvas - Blue zazzle_teapot
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Lovely Hearts Tea Pot zazzle_teapot
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Yellow Hibiscus Plate fuji_plate
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Chained Vortex Kaleidoscope Mandala zazzle_teapot
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Cute and Elegant Formal Ballet Dancing Children fuji_plate
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

5 Wonderful Artists

Marta Harvey enjoys experimenting with a lot of different techniques and materials. She even though you don't see or touch the original art in person, tries to give you the sense of different layers and texture.
Aysha Iqbal creates unique products that are colorful, inspired by Nature and it beauty.
Mother's Mug mug
Mother's Mug by addmorecolor
Start selling my art online with zazzle.

Mira Bavutti uses her wonderful designs to create fantastic products.

Totallypainted All beautiful designs are either mouse-drawn or hand-painted by her.

Gkrew Productions loves the idea of making wonderful gifts from some of his best photographs.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

6 Brilliant Zazzle Artists

James Macabee has some very original and unique Zazzle stores

The Executive tie
The Executive by nickties
Create your own personalized neckties on zazzle.com

Marta&David Burton aka Rewards4life have an expanding digital art portfolio containing professionally designed pieces, unique in every way.

Pink Glitter Floral Swirl rickshawmessengerbag
Pink Glitter Floral Swirl by Rewards4life
Browse other messenger bag designs on Zazzle.

Re Becca aka Gx9 Designs has various very cute Zazzle stores.

Brenda Thour is an acomplished Minnesota Artist. She uses mainly oil, but also uses acrylic and watercolor. Her love for her subjects shows in each painting.

Swan Reflections Mousepad mousepad
Swan Reflections Mousepad by bmthour
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Diane Clancy creates radiantly colorful paintings in digital and traditional mediums.
Dance of the Spheres II – Cosmic Violet & Teal throwpillow

Susan Elkin creates an ambiance that reveals the depth of her subjects. She showcases the uniqueness of the ordinary, offering fine art, portraiture and commercial art.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

5 Fabulous Artists

This week I introduce you 5 very talented Artists!

Creating unique designs just for you in mixed media, digital art or original vector illustration.

Kristina Conatser
Working to create inspirational and thought-provoking designs, messages, and songs. She's very passionate about everything does.Kristina loves photography, music, writing, and religion.

Cindy Boyd
Senior graphic design student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. She uses a dslr: Nikon d300 and Adobe software to create landscape photography, floral photography, and urban photography. Cyndy restores vintage slides from sixties European travels.

Susan Moss
Painting,photography and flowers are her great passions.All commisions/royalties from sales of Susan's work go to the scholarship.

Win Charles
Interested in doing artwork as a way to cope with having cerebral palsy. The inspiration for her artwork is life in general as well as roses, orchids and the flora and fauna of the Bahamas.