Monday, September 19, 2011


Nora Blansett has always been an artist, though she's had no formal training. She began drawing as a very young child and had her first gallery show when she was in her early teens. She began drawing intricate designs from the Middle East and India incorporating vivid colour, later finding a love of figurative works. Eventually she found her way to fantasy: Faeries, mermaids, pixies, brownies and all manner of mystical creatures. The primary mediums she works in are ink, colour pencil, and watercolours. Her award-winning work is collected around the globe, published in various magazines and books and licensed for a variety of products. For more info check out her website.
She is a great supporter of Autism and Cancer research, as well as LGBT rights and often donates her work and time to raise money and awareness. 50% of all monies earned from all sales will be donated to local, national and international Autism charities. Here are some of her wonderful artwork you can buy at Zazzle.Enjoy!

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